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Dracula for tmux

A dark theme for tmux



All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com/tmux.


Configuration and options can be found at draculatheme.com/tmux.


  • Support for powerline
  • Day, date, time, timezone
  • Current location based on network with temperature and forecast icon (if available)
  • Network connection status, bandwidth and SSID
  • Git branch and status
  • Battery percentage and AC power connection status
  • Refresh rate control
  • CPU usage (percentage or load average)
  • RAM usage (system and/or tmux server)
  • GPU usage
  • Custom status texts from external scripts
  • GPU VRAM usage
  • GPU power draw
  • Color code based on if prefix is active or not
  • List of windows with current window highlighted
  • When prefix is enabled smiley face turns from green to yellow
  • When charging, 'AC' is displayed
  • If forecast information is available, a ☀, ☁, ☂, or ❄ unicode character corresponding with the forecast is displayed alongside the temperature
  • Info if the Panes are synchronized
  • Spotify playback (needs the tool spotify-tui installed)
  • Music Player Daemon status (needs the tool mpc installed)
  • Current kubernetes context
  • Countdown to tmux-continuum save
  • Current working directory of tmux pane


Compatible with macOS and Linux. Tested on tmux 3.1b FreeBSD compatibility is in development


This theme is maintained by the following person(s) and a bunch of awesome contributors.

Dane Williams Ethan Edwards
Dane Williams Ethan Edwards


  • Twitter - Best for getting updates about themes and new stuff.
  • GitHub - Best for asking questions and discussing issues.
  • Discord - Best for hanging out with the community.


MIT License