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d3rped be9aa253cf Reverted to working color recognition and adjusted values for examination conditions. 4 years ago
d3rped 3d9f674eab Added break condition for Exploration Complete condition. 4 years ago
d3rped acccb15f3e Navigate to path functionality works now! Added try block to modor speed because I encountered some errors (even though there is already a capping function for this). 4 years ago
d3rped 11f061287e Odometry now has less of an offset, still needs to be improved. Switched back to hard coded colors. 4 years ago
d3rped eabe7c650f Well that's awkward... added missing ':' to if condition. Everything but navpath following was tested and works decently well. ^~^ 4 years ago
d3rped fc3a9465cc Fixed typo in enum name. Unexplored edge listing/saving should work now. 4 years ago
d3rped 58553e38d0 Now it kind of works? There are still some bugs to squash 4 years ago
d3rped 6b2a19ebdc Everything should work now. But it doesn't. 4 years ago
d3rped aa6b049ce5 Split up communication update method to get better odometry handling. Implemented rudimentary blocked path handling. Some more work ok main loop and communication/map handling. 4 years ago
d3rped c479954960 Deleted test file which was commited by accident. 4 years ago
d3rped f30868635b Fixed lots and lots of errors. Added and tweaked some helper functions. Main loop is now partially working. 4 years ago
haselnussbier c1f68b84e3 Applied commit: a540201, the previous one was actually 5855373 4 years ago
haselnussbier 78ce8da918 Applied commit: a540201 4 years ago
d3rped 678c94532e More work towards a working main loop... 4 years ago
jureao 1dc4f5a2d7 dir2ticks function protype 4 years ago
d3rped 0d2b5549c6 Fixed some typos in odometry.py. 4 years ago
jureao cdb6ddc683 Fixed odometry methods. 4 years ago
d3rped 3112046256 Started working on mode handling 4 years ago
d3rped 29849c2dd1 Rearranged and simplified main loop. 4 years ago
d3rped c1049f4a58 Fixed some errors/typos which I had overlooked/missed earlier. Stared implementing main loop. 4 years ago
d3rped c173917a72 Modularized the (already existing) odometry class. Added some handy functions to reset loop control condition variables. Added second bumper to sensor class. 4 years ago
d3rped 97af61e5e1 capped wheel speed to 100 (to avoid errors) 4 years ago
d3rped d268198fa4 fixed some wrong object/variable names 4 years ago
d3rped 40c5adfa0b applied commit: 08e0f98. Moved the brightness updater into the refresh method. 4 years ago
haselnussbier 172e368380 reapplied commit: 0124e57 4 years ago
haselnussbier d0608fd870 reapplied commit: 0124e57 4 years ago
jureao 31cfdf50d3 More commit merging (I think I applied one commit twice... welp will double check everything I'm done with merging everything back into master. commit: c323a6e 4 years ago
jureao 245cfa91fb reapplied commit: 3c4cb19 4 years ago
jureao b49919a7ed reapplied commit: c323a6e 4 years ago
jureao 800cf6302d reset master to f59ae44 and applied 376532a and 3c4cb19 4 years ago
haselnussbier 6f00e3c717 Renewed Calibrate Function for RGB sensor. calibrateBrightness not yet Tested, calibrateRGB not completely implemented yet 4 years ago
d3rped f59ae44d4e Adjusted values for edge following. Can now follow rather steep curves. 4 years ago
d3rped 94885dee1f Switched to RGB-RAW with greyscale calculation. Sensor mode switching was too slow. 4 years ago
d3rped 6d26c4ced9 Added Documentation to Odometry to aid the implementation process. 4 years ago
d3rped df9c636b6e Color recognition test. 4 years ago
d3rped 7bd9ce7582 Resolved merge/rebase conflicts. 4 years ago
haselnussbier 74e78cf2ee Commented out prototype functions. 4 years ago
haselnussbier 23ddc2c24a stops now only on red/blue knots 4 years ago
d3rped 1f1c19232a Fixed most problems with the messaging system. 4 years ago
d3rped f023393113 Implemented the (not yet fully working) communication class. Added error handling to move.py and fixed the node list in planettest.py. 4 years ago
d3rped 7cff115075 Moved unused condition to its propper place. 4 years ago
d3rped 57d731409f Added first (still a tad ugly) draft of pathfinding. Added some small bits of documentation. Started working on unit tests (planettest.py). 4 years ago
d3rped 631d70aacc Added map functionality to planet.py. Moved and shortened some comments. 4 years ago
d3rped 068208bed8 Started working on planets.py, fixed and imroved functions in wheel.py 4 years ago
d3rped 284edb9e0a Added an example to explanations in sensor.py and corrected data type of planetmap in planet.py. 4 years ago
d3rped aca3c3b70f Fixed Error Message output in sensor.py. Added some more Documentation. 4 years ago
d3rped 0f1b696a20 Made an irrelevant adjustment. Also added some documentation to the source code. 4 years ago
d3rped 23fb6e80e7 Implemented rudimentary edge following. Also fixed a minor error in sensor.py 4 years ago
d3rped 48dfc2a03b used incorrect sensor mode for getbrightness() method 4 years ago
d3rped bfd00d33ed fixed an error in wheel.py and createt template for sensor.py 4 years ago